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[02 Oct 2003|06:07am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Ooh, it's been so long since I've written in here. Maybe I'll start again.

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$$$ paid $$$ [07 Aug 2003|07:55pm]
i paid for the journal and set it up. the user name is WoundsSewnShut
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$$$ cash $$$ [07 Aug 2003|09:09am]
i'm getting a paid journal. its gonna be friends only and this one is gonna go public. if you want one of the many invite codes that i'll get, you better be my best friend :)
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gah, school sucks [06 Aug 2003|03:42pm]
1st: personal fitness
2nd: french 1
3rd: visions and pursuits
4th: english 2
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new look [06 Aug 2003|03:31pm]
i made my journal all better. new icon. new background. didnt see amber today...
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[04 Aug 2003|06:19pm]
amber's gonna be with katie on wednesday... i was hoping to get to see her then or before, but i guess not.
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[02 Aug 2003|03:36pm]
Thursday, September 4th, Atreyu, The Social, Orlando
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DANZIG!! [17 Apr 2003|09:35am]
You are Glenn Danzig! Bodacious! You are very sick in the head. You enjoy being goth without all the lameness. You hate stupid questions as well as talking about your past, and will fight someone over it.

Which hardcore punk legend are you?
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